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5 Ways To Cope With The Hot Summer Air

1.) DRINK, DRINK, DRINK (Water).


Let’s be honest, this is a given. Everyone must stay hydrated all year long. But when summer comes around, people tend to sweat profusely more than during the colder months. Think of it this way, water is the “air conditioner” of your body.


2.) Turn on the extra fans you have stored away.


It always feels good to have a fan blowing on you, including in the middle of the night. Furthermore, there is a “life hack” that most people do not know about. During the hotter months, face your fans out the window, instead of towards you; this will actually make your room cooler.


3.) Avoid using your burners and/or oven.


Do not starve yourself but avoid using it as much as possible. The flames or heat that is released from the oven can significantly heat up your house.


4.) Find ways to keep yourself cool during sleep.


There are many different products that help with this. For example, there is a pillow called “chillow” that keeps your head cool during sleep. Ice packs are also very useful!

5.) Know what works for you.


Everyone’s body has cooling points, and it is important to know YOURS. For example, you must know which deodorant works best for you and if you must wear an undershirt as a part of your daily outfit.