To tell you a little about us, Beachside Excursions was started after years of exploring and falling in love with Charleston’s pristine waterways and beaches. At that point, husband and wife team, Ryan and Jennifer Sancho, decided to form Beachside Excursions – Isle of Palms, to offer new sea and air activities for locals and tourists alike. With Ryan’s passion for the sea, Jennifer’s Passion for aviation, and with both an undying love of animals; Beachside Excursions was born to not only provide excellent service to those looking to explore but also to help support Charleston as a “No Kill, No Harm” shelter city.

Giving Back

A portion of all our sales are dedicated to helping to keep that status as a reality in Charleston through supporting local no kill shelters and charities. In the tradition of southern hospitality, it is of utmost importance to us to serve those who visit us with the greatest of decency, kindness, and generosity when sending them out into the striking beauty known as the Low Country.


We hope to bring joy to all ages through our various excursions that range from private airplane rides sightseeing over the Charleston area to enjoying a relaxing boat ride with friends and drifting into the sunset.