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Steps to Preparing a Get Together For The 4th of July.

The fourth of July is a day where we celebrate our independence. The 4th is a favorite among many U.S citizens as it is an exciting day for all. Furthermore, below are a few things to help you prepare for the 4th.

1.) Hang Up a Flag.

I mean, this one is an obvious step. No scene on the 4th is complete without the American Flag.

2.) Get Games.

You can’t have a good 4th of July party without an intense cornhole tournament going on. Or if you’re on the beach, you better have a Volleyball game going on.

3.) Music.

Designate a good DJ for the whole day. This is probably one of the most important and stressful positions to have on the 4th of July. That is why we suggest finding a great playlist on Spotify or Pandora.


There better be food, and a lot of it. But depending on who is attending, try to have something for everyone who is coming.

5.) Find a Firework Show.

This is a must do for everyone on the 4th. But we suggest you do some research. Find the best and longest firework show near you and go!

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5 Ways To Cope With The Hot Summer Air

1.) DRINK, DRINK, DRINK (Water).


Let’s be honest, this is a given. Everyone must stay hydrated all year long. But when summer comes around, people tend to sweat profusely more than during the colder months. Think of it this way, water is the “air conditioner” of your body.


2.) Turn on the extra fans you have stored away.


It always feels good to have a fan blowing on you, including in the middle of the night. Furthermore, there is a “life hack” that most people do not know about. During the hotter months, face your fans out the window, instead of towards you; this will actually make your room cooler.


3.) Avoid using your burners and/or oven.


Do not starve yourself but avoid using it as much as possible. The flames or heat that is released from the oven can significantly heat up your house.


4.) Find ways to keep yourself cool during sleep.


There are many different products that help with this. For example, there is a pillow called “chillow” that keeps your head cool during sleep. Ice packs are also very useful!

5.) Know what works for you.


Everyone’s body has cooling points, and it is important to know YOURS. For example, you must know which deodorant works best for you and if you must wear an undershirt as a part of your daily outfit.

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5 Steps to Take Before Take-Off.

1.) Buy a ticket.

This is always the first step to planning your flight for vacation. It might sound simple, but it does take a lot of research to find your desires; and it is not easy. Certain airlines have other benefits that others don’t. For example, some might have more leg space than the other airline. Furthermore, research and choose wisely.

2.) Have you a photo ID.

 You will not be able to receive your tickets and take your flight if you show up without your ID. This should be a current ID that is valid. Also, if you are planning to fly internationally, you must have your passport present as well. Overall, always check and see what is required to fly.

3.) Pack smart.

 It cost money to bring luggage on a trip. Usually some airlines will allow you to bring a carry on for free, or your first bag. But, when you go through bag check, your first bag will cost you around $25 on average. After that, the price rises the more bags you have; it also rises if your bag is heavier than the weight limit. Overall, Pack light and make sure you don’t bring anything that is restricted; such as liquids.

4.) Have a ride to the airport.

 We advise you to try to not spend money on an Uber, since traveling is already expensive as it is. If possible have a friend or family member take you to the airport.

5.) Get there early.

It takes a lot of time to get through security and bag checks. Additionally, most airlines require you to be at the gate at least 30 minutes before your take-off time. We suggest that you arrive to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight. Do not be that person who is running senseless through the airport!

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How To Get Past Post-Vacation Sadness

It is the worst feeling to experience: the feeling of coming home from a wonderful vacation. Most people have gone through this at some point in their lives. Post-vacation doesn’t only make you miss your vacation spot, but it leaves you exhausted, lazy, and sad. We understand your struggle, so we decided to provide you with some tips to help you get back into your regular routine after your wonderful trip to Charleston, SC in particular!.

1.) Unpack

Unpacking is important, and we advise you to do it as quickly as possible! When you get home, you will likely want to go right to bed and relax and push unpacking until the next day. Furthermore, the faster you decide to remove all signs of your vacation, the faster everything will go back to normal.

2.) Do laundry

This one is simple but very effective. Whether you go to the mountains or the beach, each location has a certain scent. This scent will easily infest your home and make you think about your vacation and make you wish you were there. To fight this, we advise you to do your laundry (All of it).

3.) Go get some food

When you come home, you will notice that all your food at your house is either gone or old. We suggest that you go fill up that fridge of yours! This will also allow you to get out of the house and that could help your post-vacation sadness.

4.) Hit the gym

Instead of taking out your post-vacation anger on your family and friends, take it out on the leg press. The gym is the best way to get all your feelings out in a healthy and safe manner. Better than that, you will walk away from the gym feeling/looking like a million bucks!

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Locals’ Guide to Charleston, SC

Visiting Charleston or simply an active resident? Check out our list of top five recommended activities in the Charleston area.

1.) Capers Island

This is a secluded island that you can only get to by boat. It has miles of uninhabited beaches perfect for taking walks and shell collecting. You can get there by one of our private boat charters.

2.) City Market

If you come from out of the area, the city market is a must-see to get your souvenirs from locals. From sweetgrass baskets to painted bricks, you will find something that suits your desires.

4.) Waterfront Park

Downtown Charleston boasts a pineapple fountain, only found in the Holy City. You can also see this from above by taking a day flight.

5.) Fort Sumter

Craving to learn more about history? Take a trip to Fort Sumter National Monument to learn about the two battles fought there during the civil war.

6.) Inshore Fishing

Fishing from the pier is no comparison to fishing out in the deep blue sea. Take a boat ride out into the waterways to the ocean to catch Mahi Mahi, Grouper and Wahoo.

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Top Four Benefits of Going Outside.

Here in the Charleston area we have weather that those in other parts of the country crave. Warm weather, blue skies, and peaceful waves while overlooking the ocean. However, actually getting outside and off our phones can be hard to do in this day and age. These top four benefits of getting outside and enjoying fresh air should be enough to make you take a break from binge watching your latest Netflix show and going for a walk on the beach.

1.) Boosts Mental Health

Getting outside into natural light (aka sunshine) helps improve your mood naturally! Getting even just a little exercise can also help with better concentration as it helps to beach, charleston, isle of palms, vacationrenew your mind. Transitioning from a busy workday to natural views can instantly lessen stress and anxiety levels.

2.) Initiate Weight Loss

Sitting at your desk all day, going home to sit and watch videos on your phone, these activities do not burn many calories. However, simply getting outside forces you to walk around and want to sight see and explore. From walking on the beach, to commanding a jet ski, these activities can help initiate weight loss.

3.) Increases Vitamin D Intake

Vitamin D can be hard to get enough of from food intake alone. Luckily, by getting outside into the sun, you will be able to give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.

4.)Better Brain Function

By going outdoors and getting fresh air, you are getting more oxygen to your brain, allowing it to better function.  According to Advanced Neurotherapy, “the brain is extremely sensitive to decreases in oxygen levels. Therefore when a person takes a walk outside, getting to breathe fresh outdoor air actually improves brain function, especially if a person is cooped up in an office most of the day.”