Steps to Preparing a Get Together For The 4th of July.

By Beachside Excursions | July 2, 2018

The fourth of July is a day where we celebrate our independence. The 4th is a favorite among many U.S citizens as it is an exciting day for all. Furthermore, below are a few things to help you prepare for the 4th. 1.) Hang Up a Flag. I mean, this one is an obvious step. […]

5 Ways To Cope With The Hot Summer Air

By Beachside Excursions | June 20, 2018

1.) DRINK, DRINK, DRINK (Water).   Let’s be honest, this is a given. Everyone must stay hydrated all year long. But when summer comes around, people tend to sweat profusely more than during the colder months. Think of it this way, water is the “air conditioner” of your body.   2.) Turn on the extra […]

5 Steps to Take Before Take-Off.

By Beachside Excursions | June 5, 2018

1.) Buy a ticket. This is always the first step to planning your flight for vacation. It might sound simple, but it does take a lot of research to find your desires; and it is not easy. Certain airlines have other benefits that others don’t. For example, some might have more leg space than the […]

How To Get Past Post-Vacation Sadness

By Beachside Excursions | May 31, 2018

It is the worst feeling to experience: the feeling of coming home from a wonderful vacation. Most people have gone through this at some point in their lives. Post-vacation doesn’t only make you miss your vacation spot, but it leaves you exhausted, lazy, and sad. We understand your struggle, so we decided to provide you […]

Locals’ Guide to Charleston, SC

By Beachside Excursions | May 22, 2018

Visiting Charleston or simply an active resident? Check out our list of top five recommended activities in the Charleston area. 1.) Capers Island This is a secluded island that you can only get to by boat. It has miles of uninhabited beaches perfect for taking walks and shell collecting. You can get there by one […]

Top Four Benefits of Going Outside.

By Beachside Excursions | May 14, 2018

Here in the Charleston area we have weather that those in other parts of the country crave. Warm weather, blue skies, and peaceful waves while overlooking the ocean. However, actually getting outside and off our phones can be hard to do in this day and age. These top four benefits of getting outside and enjoying […]